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Our Store

Confer's Jewelers is the fun jewelry store where everyone feels loved.

My parents started Confer's Jewelers in 1977. I wasn't even born. I don't think I was even a twinkle in their eye yet! But I would get there soon!

My dad is Monte. My mom is Brenda. Everything which Confer's has become, began with their love and passion for life, for jewelry, for customers, and for us kids. My folks are the two of the coolest and most beautiful people I could ever hope to know, let alone have as my parents, and my friends. I am grateful for them beyond any words.

Dad bought the business from his dad. He repaired watches and clocks. Mom waited on customers, and cared for her daughters (there are three of us: Tiphanie, Eliza, and me).

Back in '77, the store was in Potters Mill. In 1985, they moved the store to where we are now. They had $2,500 in inventory. That was it. Most of it was gold-filled and 10-karat gold jewelry.

Business grew. Customers began to come back again and again. They liked how they were treated. Word spread.

Tiphanie, Eliza, and I all worked part-time in the store when we went to high school. Each of us worked full-time at different times.

I thought I was going to be a Physician's Assistant, so I went to college for that.

Then one Christmas break, I was working at the store, and loving every minute of it. And suddenly, I knew that this was where I wanted to give everything I had. I loved all the people. I loved seeing the smiles on their faces. I loved loving them, one at a time. It brought me a joy and happiness that was incredible.

That was in 1999. All those things I felt then and knew then, I still do.

Mom and Dad sold the store to Dan, my husband, and me in 2018. So now we run the joint! And I can only tell you that I LOVE what I do.

I love the incredible men and women we get to love and serve. I love the beauty of the jewelry, the magic of how it changes people, brings beauty and excitement and love into their lives, as it does into mine.

My goal is simple: I want all of us at Confer's, to love you better than anyone else's business. I want you to walk in, and know that you are welcome here, always ... that we will take care of you in whatever ways you need ... and that we will make your life better for being part of Confer's beautiful family of men and women who mean the world to us.

Come see us. We'll show you what Confer's is all about: you.