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Your Master IJO Jeweler

We belong to a group called IJO. That stands for Independent Jewelers Organization.

We help each other to do a better job for our customers.

We share ideas, and problems. We share failures, successes. And believe me, we fail a lot! People say you 'fail your way to success.' Well, we must be getting there, because we have failed a bunch!

There are about 800 independent jewelers from around the country who are part of IJO. The best part is that we get to make friends with some really cool men and women who own stores in different parts of our beautiful country.

We get some good buys from the vendors who are part of it -- and there are hundreds of vendors. And the most valuable part is that we have friends from around the country we can turn to for advice and help. Sometimes what we need most is encouragement through tough times. We have gotten that encouragement many times, and have given it many times.

IJO is like a big family we have been part of for 20 years. We learn a lot from our family. The goal of all of us in this big family is simple: do a better job loving and serving the beautiful men and women who are our friends and customers. That's you.

Our friends in IJO help us to keep our focus where it must be: on you. You always have been, and always will be, the best part of Confer's Jewelers.